Sometimes, financial apps offer $50 sign-up bonuses to encourage new users to open an account. I’ve personally made around $5,000 on sign-up bonuses over the years.

A lot of the time, all you need to do to earn these cash bonuses is sign up for the app and complete a task like making a minimum deposit or referring a friend.

Not all sign-up bonus offers are legit. We’ve identified a handful of legitimate $50 sign-up bonus offers you can take advantage of today. Read on to see which apps are worth your time.

Top $50 Sign-Up Bonus Offers You Can Earn Now

We’ve rounded up details on the best $50 sign-up bonus offers and included a few potentially higher-paying opportunities:

1. Current: $50

This popular mobile bank app is known for its high-interest savings account that pays up to 4% APY and its easy-to-complete $50 sign-up bonus.

To get $50 free from Current, you just need to open a new account using the referral code WELCOME50.

Then, you’ll need to add a qualifying direct deposit of at least $200 within 45 days. After the funds are received, you’ll earn the $50 bonus within 10 business days. The bonus is deposited directly into your Current account.

In addition to a high-yield savings account, Current has a checking account with several perks, including a Visa debit card with cash back, 2-day early pay with direct deposits, a credit-building tool, and a vast ATM network.

There are also no monthly fees or overdraft fees with the Spend Account.

2. Go2Bank: $50

Go2Bank is another online bank with a straightforward $50 welcome bonus. To earn the bonus, you simply need to refer a friend. Once they open an account and receive $200 of direct deposits, you’ll both get $50 deposited into your accounts.

Go2Bank has a lot to offer if you’re looking for a competitive online checking account. You can get paid two days early, deposit cash at 90,000+ locations, and earn up to 7% cashback on gift card purchases, with no monthly fees.

Additionally, you can earn solid APY on your savings account balance, although the highest APY is only applied to your first $5,000. You can also open a secured credit card with Go2Bank to boost your credit score.

Go2Bank is known for its user-friendly app, which has high average ratings in both the App Store and the Google Play Store.

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3. SoFi: $50 – $300

Starting out as a well-known lender, SoFi is now a popular online bank as well. To incentivize account holders, it’s currently offering a welcome bonus of up to $350 to new customers and existing accountholders who haven’t used direct deposit before.

To earn the bonus, you need to set up and receive direct deposits during the ongoing bonus period.

  • If you receive $1,000-$4,999 in direct deposits, you’ll earn a $50 bonus.
  • If you receive $5,000 or more, you’ll get $300.

The bonus funds will be deposited into your account within seven business days.

SoFi’s checking account offers a competitive high yield, fee-free overdraft protection, and cashback when you shop local. When you sign up, you’ll automatically get access to a high-yield savings account with no minimum balance requirement.

SoFi also has a tiered Bitcoin welcome bonus that gives you $10-$100 when you open a new SoFi Digital Assets LLC account and make your first purchase of $50 or more within seven days.

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4. Rakuten: $30 – $60

You can currently get $30 when you join Rakuten and spend $30 within your first 90 days. You can also get paid an additional $30 for every new member you refer.

Rakuten is arguably the internet’s best cash-back shopping rewards platform. It pays members cash-back rebates for shopping at over 3,500 participating stores. It’s free to join, and you earn free cash back — your commission — for shopping at any of Rakuten’s affiliate retail partners.

These stores want more traffic and more sales. They are willing to pay Rakuten a sales commission for sending customers, and Rakuten shares a portion with you.

Founded in 1999 as Ebates, this platform has paid its members more than $2 billion in free cash-back rewards. You can earn cash back by installing the free browser extension or using the Rakuten app.

You can also visit the website and look up stores in their directory. Some of its most popular stores are Target, Nike, Macy’s, Athleta, Old Navy, Petsmart, and Ulta. Your Rakuten cash-back earnings can be redeemed via PayPal, or you can get a check in the mail if you prefer to do a check deposit.

5. Coinbase: Up to $200

You can get up to $200 free when you sign up for Coinbase and make your first cryptocurrency purchase. The app lets new users spin the wheel to win up to $200, and it offers an Advanced API Promotion, plus a $5 new user incentive when you make a crypto purchase.

Coinbase is a popular cryptocurrency platform where users can buy, sell, trade, store, or stake supported cryptocurrencies. Founded in 2012, it’s one of the most popular crypto exchanges in the world. Since its founding, investors have been drawn to its user-friendly interface, support of a wide variety of NFT currencies, and ultra-secure storage.

Coinbase is not regulated by the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) or the U.S. Commodity Futures Trading Commission (CTFC), but it is licensed by the New York State of Financial Services and other state jurisdictions to engage in virtual currency business activity.

Overall, Coinbase is a safe, secure, and popular platform for Cryptocurrency investors. It’s also one of the few exchanges that will let users withdraw funds immediately after purchases using fiat currency (i.e. U.S. dollars).

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Our Methodology

To provide you with a list of the best $50 sign-up bonus offers, we compared dozens of platforms, including banking apps, investing apps, and shopping rewards apps.

In addition to comparing bonus amounts themselves, we also focused on eligibility requirements, prioritizing offers that are the easiest to complete.

Additionally, we factored in the time it takes for the sign-up bonuses to be deposited into the customer’s account.

In our evaluation, we verified the terms of each offer to ensure their accuracy at the time of writing. We also vetted each platform’s brand reputation, analyzing customer reviews and app ratings.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I make $50 in a day?

To make $50 in a day, consider offering services such as pet sitting, dog walking, or lawn maintenance, or sell items you no longer need online through platforms like eBay or Facebook Marketplace.

Additionally, you could look for one-time job opportunities in your area, using an app like TaskRabbit. Another option is to take online surveys, participate in market research studies, or sign up for cashback or rebate programs.

Alternatively, you can offer your skills on freelancing websites or tutoring services. If you have a vehicle, consider signing up for a food delivery service or offering rides through a transportation network company.

How else can I get extra money online?

Beyond free sign-up bonuses, there are many other ways you can make extra money online.

  • Take paid, online surveys on Branded Surveys, Survey Junkie, or MyPoints — $0.25 to $5 per survey.
  • Claim cash back on all your online purchases through Honey, Rakuten, or Capital One Shopping — 1% to 20% cash back rebates.
  • Freelance creative work on Fiverr, 99designs, Freelancer, or Truelancer. Finding freelance writing, video editing, UX design, or graphic design gigs that pay $5 to $300+ per project.
  • Start a dropshipping business as a seller on Amazon, or set up your own Shopify website. With drop shipping, you don’t need to pay for the inventory upfront; the customer pays you for goods and then you use the money to pay the supplier who will ship the merchandise to your customer.
  • Rent out your unused gear (bikes, instruments, sporting equipment, cameras, and more) on Fat Llama, Wedio, or FriendWithA.

Will apps let me borrow $50 instantly?

Several instant loan apps will let you borrow $50, such as Chime, Dave, Empower, and EarnIn.

Each app has its turnaround times, fee structure, and repayment terms, so do your homework as you compare $50 instant loan apps to choose the best one for your financial needs.

Bottom Line

Cash bonuses for signing up for new apps or referring friends are common, and the ones we recommend on Millennial Money are legitimate and verified.

That being said, it’s important to ensure you understand exactly what you need to do to earn a bonus.

Rather than depend on cash bonuses for regular, monthly earnings, look at cash bonuses as a way to earn extra money on a worthwhile banking, investing, or side hustle app that adds value to your life.