Bugatti’s new electric scooter is bigger with W16 Mistral vibes

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Somewhere hidden amid the thousands of flashy displays and exhibits at CES 2023 in Las Vegas was the newly upgraded 2023 Bugatti electric scooter.

TechCrunch never saw it. Did anyone?

Luckily, details and images of the 2023 model, a 10% larger, more premium electric scooter, have now been released into the world.

Bugatti, through a partnership with tech accessory company Bytech, launched a $1,200 electric scooter in 2022. The two companies paired up again for a second-generation scooter that is beefier, equipped with new features and colors, and has larger “self-repairing” tires.

The 2023 scooter is 10% larger than its predecessor and is equipped with a 36-volt/15.6Ah battery and an electric motor with a maximum output of 1,000 watts, according to the companies. That battery and motor combo allows the scooter to handle up to an 18-degree incline, max speed of 22 miles per hour and can cover 35 miles on a single charge, according to the company. (That’s up from the 22-mile range in the previous model.)

No word yet on the pricing for this bigger second-generation model. Perhaps this is one of those “if you have to ask” moments.

2023 Bugatti Electric Scooters Premium 2

Image Credits: Bugatti/Bytech

The overall expanded size extends to a larger deck area for standing and a 10-inch tire (the previous one was nine inches) with a pneumatic tubeless design that comes with a built-in glue repair mechanism that repairs potential tire punctures. (The technology sounds a lot like tubeless tires used in bicycles. The tires can be filled with a sealant that is released and coats the interior if there is a puncture.)

The new Bugatti scooter now has passcode protection, a touchscreen that displays speed, rider mode, battery life and headlight operations. The scooter is equipped with leather handle grips and comes in three colors, including a new yellow and black design that gives homage to Bugatti founder Ettore Bugatti (apparently his favorite color combo) and the W16 Mistral roadster, which has a similar color scheme.

At the end of those leather handles are two small LED lights. For added safety and visibility, the turn signals are synchronized and displayed on the accompanying MIPS certified helmet.

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