Can AI lift our spirits?

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After looking at the last quarter in venture capital from various angles, I have to admit it was quite gloomy. Even AI didn’t change the picture that much, but its impact is starting to show in other ways.  — Anna

Limited optimism

This month, The Exchange dove deeper into Q3 2023 venture capital data, taking a closer look at specific regions, countries and sectors to add nuance to the numbers. I am glad we did, but I also have to acknowledge that our findings were pretty thoroughly summed up in our initial overview: Once again last quarter, the global VC market continued to stumble.

We still found some reasons for optimism in Europe, until we didn’t. Yes, investment volume slightly grew in the region compared to Q2 2023, according to PitchBook. But with macroeconomic and geopolitical worries failing to recede, we can’t bet on a recovery of exits and late-stage investing in the short-term.

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