Cardano Founder Coins ‘Charles Derangement Syndrome’

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In a reflective and somewhat humorous attempt to address the pervasive criticism he encounters, Charles Hoskinson, the founder of Cardano, has introduced the concept of “Charles Derangement Syndrome” (CDS). Through a post on X, he detailed the ten symptoms characteristic of CDS, showcasing the depth of misunderstanding and bias he believes some people hold against him.

Cardano Founder Coins ‘CDS’

At the heart of CDS is a fundamental assumption that colors every action and decision made by Hoskinson: critics, he notes, “Assume the worst possible interpretation of all events involving Charles.” This symptom sets the stage for a cascade of negativity, where his intentions and outcomes are painted with a singularly malicious brush, regardless of the reality.

Anatomy of Charles Derangement Syndrome (CDS):

1) Assume the worst possible interpretation of all events involving charles

2) Ignore ten years of history and any meaningful accomplishment of charles

3) Exaggerate the opinions about charles of others in the space towards a…

— Charles Hoskinson (@IOHK_Charles) March 7, 2024

Coupled with this is a glaring dismissal of his accomplishments. Hoskinson laments how critics “Ignore ten years of history and any meaningful accomplishment,” essentially erasing a decade of innovation and leadership in the blockchain space. It’s a selective memory that omits the positive impact of his work, focusing instead on narratives that serve to diminish.

The exaggeration of hostility toward him within the cryptocurrency community is another facet of CDS. Hoskinson points out how critics amplify negative opinions, creating an echo chamber of unfounded antagonism. He humorously suggests that detractors view supporters with suspicion, saying, “All people who support Charles must be either in a cult or actively manipulated,” highlighting the absurdity of such claims.

Misinformation plays a significant role in CDS, with Hoskinson observing a tendency among critics to “Make up stuff and see if it sticks.” This reflects a broader strategy of throwing aspersions in the hope that something tarnishes his reputation, regardless of truth or evidence.

A particularly irrational aspect of CDS is the anger directed towards his popularity. “Get irrationally angry that others seem to like Charles,” Hoskinson describes, pointing to a resentment that belies a deeper discontent with his continued influence and respect in the community.

Critics also preemptively label any new venture of Hoskinson’s as fraudulent or narcissistic. He sarcastically notes, “Any venture of Charles must be a scam or an elaborate ego trip,” a statement that underscores the cynicism with which his initiatives are often greeted.

The spread of misleading and dramatic narratives is another symptom, with Hoskinson remarking on the tendency to “Write misleading and dramatic content on Reddit, blog posts, YouTube videos, and in the media.” This dissemination of biased perspectives fuels a distorted view of his actions and intentions.

Ultimately, Hoskinson suggests that critics come to “Genuinely believe that Charles is a manipulative, sociopathic monster who seeks to harm as many people as possible,” a stark portrayal of the dehumanization and vilification he contends with.

He humorously suggests that those suspected of suffering from CDS should be sent his whiteboard video and a “hosky plushie,” implying that while CDS is incurable, it can be managed.

After an X user suggested that Hoskinson should go on another 1-week silent retreat because of this post, he retorted, “Just doing some spring cleaning. I can now refer to this handy thread on CDS. It actually saves a lot of time.”

The Cardano founder’s post is a response to his detractors, with whom he has had frequent clashes, notably within the XRP and Ethereum communities. Despite the criticism, Hoskinson stands as a staunch advocate for Cardano, rigorously defending it against any disparagement. As reported yesterday, Hoskinson is fully committed to Cardano. He denied any rumors of a change in leadership due to his departure to the Midnight project.

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