Did you hear? AnkerWork is going after the wireless mic market

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At CES in Las Vegas this week, AnkerWork announced its brand new AnkerWork M650 Wireless Microphone. It’s a two-microphone kit that can be clipped (or magnetically attached) to your clothing. Perfect for video interviews or improving the quality on zoom calls.

The microphone includes high-quality audio and noise-cancellation technology wrapped up in a compact carry case, which includes a pair of microphones, and a USB-C or Lightning receiver. The package delivers up to 15 hours of battery life, and can recharge in just 90 minutes. The white cover pictured can be replaced with another color, to avoid fashion clashes.

The receiver has a LCD display making it easy to configure and use. Image Credit: AnkerWork

The receiver is equipped with a high-resolution LCD touchscreen that can be used for adjusting volume, and keeping an eye on recording levels in real time. It also includes internal storage that can keep seven hours of uncompressed audio safe.

The AnkerWork M650 will be available on AnkerWork.com and in retail, starting in March, for $249. That puts it $70 under the DJI version of its comparable kit, which we reviewed last year.

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