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GameOn Entertainment Technologies Inc. (CSE: GET) (OTCQB: GMETF) (FSE: 9E7) prepares to wrap up an exciting 2021 and has begun looking forward to what CEO Matt Bailey and company expect to be “the most exciting year for gamification to date.”

Gamification leverages some of the elements of gaming, such as prizes and reward systems, in order to increase interest and engagement. Professional sports, reality television, and other forms of media can easily be gamified to help their viewers feel more involved. When utilized correctly, gamification can help increase the number of people consuming media, increase their level of interest, and also increase the frequency they consume.

Over the past year, brands and media companies have considerably increased their commitment to gamification and digital experience enrichment. Canada-based GameOn has already played an important role in helping brands and companies explore and expand their approach to consumer engagement. The company hopes to capitalize on its current momentum within the industry and continue its growth throughout 2022.

Growth and Development in 2021

2021 was a year filled with several major accomplishments for GameOn, including an initial public offering in May and the subsequent forging of several key partnerships. Teaming up with high-profile athletes, such as the brands of former basketball players Kendrick Perkins and Kevin Garnett, has helped GameOn make a name for itself in an increasingly crowded digital entertainment market.

“We know that our partnerships and the brands we work with will be key for our long-term success,” said Matt Bailey in a recent statement, “Our entire society is undergoing yet another digital revolution. Right now, the people who are making moves are thought leaders and innovators—and those are the people who are most exciting to work with.”

GameOn helps companies involved in sports, media, and digital entertainment find ways to enhance the experiences of their users, particularly their “superfans” through white-label licensed software products. When fans are given the opportunities to participate in live events, purchase digital merchandise, or otherwise interact with the media they are consuming, they are much more likely to have a better experience.

One example of the company’s clients’ success came through an interactive cricket “Prediction Game” for the ICC Men’s T20 World Cup for Indian streaming Giant, MX Player. More than 2 million predictions were made using the gamified application and GameOn expects that by next year, as many as 6 million predictions will take place. 

The company’s mission to, “power the world’s biggest sports, media and entertainment companies with the most innovative white label game technologies, making their content more engaging, social and monetizable,” has helped transform the ways its partners interact with their customers.

“People don’t just want to watch their favorite sports and shows—they want to actively participate,” said Bailey.”


Finishing the Year with Strong Investments

GameOn has been able to conclude 2021 with several significant investments, helping to give it the financial fuel it needs to thrive in 2022. At the end of November, Brand Capital International (part of India’s largest media conglomerate) committed to a $6 million investment in GameOn that will be distributed over the next three years. Two days later, on December 2, Polygon—a leading blockchain and Web3 developer—committed to covering 50 percent of GameOn’s development of NFT-connected games.

Both of these investments have given Bailey and his team plenty of reason to be optimistic. During the closing quarter of the year, the team was also able to reach new agreements with Chibi Dinos (another big name in the NFT space) and Gaming Society (a platform supported by Kevin Garnett). Furthermore, the company plans to complete an acquisition of FanClash, a leading fantasy brand, by the end of Q2 2022.

“We are exactly where we were hoping we’d be right now,” said Bailey, “We are securing new investors. We are landing new customers. We are finding new opportunities for growth on a daily basis, and we have every reason to believe that this is going to be a transformative year.”

Several long-term developments will help gamification and the utilization of the so-called “metaverse” to continue their run into 2022. The increased preference for mobile media consumption, the growing number of global smartphone users, and changing brand priorities will all cause gamification and digitization to play a more important role. With more brands and organizations recognizing the potential benefits that gamification provides, GameOn will have new opportunities to extend its current growth 

According to one recent estimate, the global gamification market has grown by an incredible 27.8 percent per year. By the end of 2022, this market is expected to reach $22.9 billion.


Resolved to Have a Productive 2022

GameOn’s leadership team is extremely bullish about the near future and claims that the company is dynamic enough to whatever tech and financial trends might emerge. The company already has its eyes on several new potential clients, in addition to capital from new investors. Global diversification will be particularly important, especially considering the world is expected to add about 400 million new internet users next year.

Success in 2022 will be defined in multiple different ways. In addition to expanding its current client base even further, GameOn also hopes to enrich the campaigns of its already-existing clients. By creating more immersive digital worlds and enhancing the customer experience, companies can expect the benefits of gamification to compound.

An ability to continue looking forward, ultimately, might be what helps set GameOn apart from many of its competitors.


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