Gaming Giant Ubisoft Embraces Blockchain Technology As Node Validator In XPLA Ecosystem

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Ubisoft, a renowned video game developer and publisher, has announced its participation as a node validator in the XPLA ecosystem, demonstrating its intention to explore blockchain technology. 

According to the March 7 announcement, Ubisoft’s participation in the ecosystem aligns with its focus on innovation through its Strategic Innovation Lab, which aims to anticipate future trends and capitalize on opportunities presented by “cutting-edge” technologies.

Ubisoft Joins XPLA As Validator

XPLA, a Tendermint-based Layer 1 blockchain, is a hub for digital media content and embodies the concept of “Explore and Play.” 

As the announcement notes, the partnership between Ubisoft and XPLA is particularly promising in the gaming industry. Ubisoft’s participation as a validator in the ecosystem is expected to generate “synergies” and contribute to the validation process. 

In addition, Ubisoft will actively participate in decisions regarding governance proposals to strengthen the XPLA network further. Leveraging Ubisoft’s expertise in video game creation, the collaboration is expected to mark an important achievement in blockchain networks and the expansion of the Web3 gaming sector.

Paul Kim, the team lead of XPLA, expressed enthusiasm about Ubisoft’s involvement, emphasizing the shared goal of creating a “more transparent” and “trustworthy” Web3 ecosystem. The collaboration aims to deliver an appealing gaming experience to players worldwide. Kim further stated:

We are thrilled to welcome Ubisoft as an XPLA validator. Together, we will cooperate to create a more transparent and trustworthy Web3 ecosystem, striving to provide an attractive gaming experience to players worldwide. 

More Industry Players Expected To Follow

The protocol development team is also optimistic about the ecosystem’s growth, particularly in gaming and X2E (explore-to-exchange) services.

The protocol reportedly boasts a wide range of titles within the ecosystem, with collaborations such as The Walking Dead: All-Stars, Summoners War: Chronicles, MiniGame Party, and Ace Fishing: Crew already on board, along with the introduction of the first cross-chain game, Idle Ninja Online.

However, the XRPLA team notes that the addition of Ubisoft to the ecosystem is an important step forward. The ecosystem anticipates the involvement of more validators, which will enhance the network’s security and stability

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