HANGR3: Redefining Fan Engagement with Groundbreaking AI Technology

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Pioneering Leadership at the Forefront of Innovation

HANGR3 marks an evolutionary shift in media and entertainment engagement, led by an impressive lineup of industry leaders. 

Executive Chairman Jesse Dylan, celebrated for his entrepreneurial flair and media expertise, spearheads this initiative. He is joined by President Stephen Tapp, whose groundbreaking experience includes leadership roles at media giants like TSN, Viewer’s Choice, Stingray, and SiriusXM, speak volumes of his prowess. Chief Revenue Officer Michael Pine brings over two decades of experience in global sales and partnerships, having worked with major properties like UFC, WWE, FanDuel, and Ironman Triathlon, as well as media giants CNN and ESPN.

From Stealth Mode to Industry Maverick

Emerging from a strategic phase of stealth operation, HANGR3 has stepped into the spotlight as a transformative force in entertainment and media. This shift signifies a profound change in how AI intersects with human experience, positioning HANGR3 as a pivotal player in fan engagement.

Innovative Human-Centric AI Strategy

Central to HANGR3’s philosophy is its commitment to human-centric AI, utilizing ChatGPT to offer fans an unparalleled engagement experience. This approach includes:

Public Content: Offering interactive chatbots for fans to gain insights, exclusive content, and special merchandise.

Private Content: Creating a unique space for deeper, more personal fan-artist interactions.

Global Outreach and Cultural Bridging

HANGR3’s collaboration with Asia’s largest live events promotion group, AIE, highlights its dedication to global expansion and cultural connection. This partnership enables HANGR3 to integrate AI in diverse aspects like ticketing, merchandising, and social media, thereby extending its innovative offerings to audiences in China and beyond.

Elevating the Global Entertainment Experience

Under Jesse Dylan’s visionary leadership, HANGR3 is more than just a platform; it’s an active community that empowers fans to engage with the entertainment world. Merging virtual and real-world experiences, HANGR3 aims to establish a global entertainment culture that resonates with its philosophy and far-reaching influence.

For more information, please contact:

Jesse Dylan: jesse@jessedylan.com

Investor Relations: investors@hangr3.io

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