North Korean Cyber Onslaught: Crypto Thefts Reach $180 Million In the First Half Of 2023

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The global rise of crypto has opened new opportunities for innovation, investment, and unfortunately, cybercrime. As the decentralized world grapples with the consequences of its rapid growth, another shadowy figure emerges on the horizon.

North Korea, an enigmatic nation, has since been suspected of orchestrating extensive cyber heists, primarily focusing on the digital asset sector. A recent report indicates that North Korean hackers have pilfered roughly $180 million worth of crypto within just the first six months of this year.

A Growing Threat To Crypto Security

South Korea’s National Intelligence Service unveiled these alarming figures during a press briefing, which were subsequently reported by Asia Today, a prominent local news agency.

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They claim that the isolated North has been systematically targeting digital currency platforms, leading to the illegal accumulation of at least $180 million during H1 2023. The rapidity and audacity of these attacks underscore the evolving cybersecurity challenges in the decentralized finance realm.

An annual report from the United States Security Council published in April revealed that North Korean Hackers have stolen more than $1 billion in crypto so far. According to the report, these bad actors often carry out these crimes via advanced scopes and techniques.

The panel noted in the report:

The country used increasingly sophisticated cybertechniques both to gain access to digital networks involved in cyberfinance and to steal information of potential value, including its weapons programs.

 A Recent Threat From Lazarus Group

The Lazarus Group, a North Korean hacking syndicate, finds itself at the epicenter of this local news agency report. Their name frequently surfaces in discussions about major digital currency-related security breaches.

A case in point is the recent intrusion suffered by CoinsPaid, an organization connected with the crypto payments processor Alphapo. Last month, they reported a substantial loss of $37 million, with preliminary investigations pointing fingers toward the notorious Lazarus Group.

As reported by Bitcoinist, CoinsPaid announced that an employee was deceived into downloading software during a fake job interview, mistakenly presented as a technical task.

The firm stated that this individual was duped by a fraudulent job offer from the hackers, leading to the download of harmful software. This action granted the perpetrators unauthorized access, enabling them to extract sensitive information and infiltrate the crypto company’s infrastructure.

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CoinsPaid noted:

Having gained access to the CoinsPaid infrastructure, the attackers took advantage of a vulnerability in the cluster and opened a backdoor.

This startling revelation about North Korea’s crypto endeavors goes beyond just numbers as it particularly showcases the imperative need for fortified cybersecurity measures in the digital finance realm.

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