On-chain Investigator Teases Truth Bombshell That Will ‘Amaze’ Crypto Community

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In a cryptic announcement that has caught the attention of the crypto Twitter community, a popular on-chain investigator has promised to reveal hidden truths behind certain blockchain and crypto activities in the space. 

On-chain Sleuth Promises To Reveal New ‘Truths’ About Crypto

On-chain detective, Boring Sleuth has taken to X (formerly Twitter) to announce that he would be unveiling a new thread of truths soon. 

“I wrote this Summary thread 7 months ago. I’m planning to release a summary of the last 7 months this week. You will be amazed at what I’ve shared, that’s been forgotten, even by me. We evolved and got 10x deeper. I truly believe, through time, it will become timeless,” Boring Sleuth stated. 

Boring Sleuth is known for uncovering and publishing insights and information on secret crypto activities in space. Earlier this year, the on-chain investigator released a thread disclosing a series of crypto transactions made via wallets allegedly owned by Twitter.

According to Boring Sleuth, Twitter had been actively involved in placing bets in a series of activities including politics. The crypto investigator also linked Ethereum founder, Vitalik Buterin to his discoveries, disclosing that Buterin had funded a betting platform called Augur which allows users to place wagers on future events. 

Over the years, Boring Sleuth’s revelations have sparked controversial discussions in the crypto community. The blockchain investigator has constantly released theories backed by in-depth research.

While Boring Sleuth has gained a reputation for uncovering hidden truths in the space, specific details regarding the recent teaser truth bombshell remain shrouded in secrecy. Nonetheless, the undisclosed information is bound to capture the attention of the crypto community members. 

On-Chain Investigator Poses Cryptic Questions About Tether

In an X post, Boring Sleuth presented several cryptic questions that delved into the history of Tether, the issuer of USDT stablecoin. The blockchain investigator had suggested a possible connection between the creation timeline of Tether and the launch of Ethereum’s ICO in July 2014

“Tether was created, AFTER Ethereum’s ICO. This is critical to understanding why it came about, and by whom. BTC went 7 years without Tether $USDT,” Boring Sleuth stated. 

He added:

What did Tether relationships look like Day 1? Wouldn’t that history, the one void of storytelling, tell us more about Tether’s history? I think you’d find their history interesting.

The implications of the questions have raised concerns in the crypto space, with some members beginning to question Tether’s credibility. While others wait for the crypto sleuth’s answers to his inquiries.

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