Oura starts selling its products on Amazon

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Smart fitness ring maker Oura announced a partnership with Amazon today to sell its products through the e-commerce site.

The company said that both its rings — Horizon in six finishes and Heritage in four finishes will be available on Amazon. The Heritage ring starts from $299 and the Horizon ring starts from $399. The most distinctive difference between the two is that Heritage rings have a flat top and Horizon rings don’t have that.

Oura is also selling other accessories like its sizing kit for $10 and chargers for $59.

The company is trying to expand its retail and e-commerce footprint as competition in the smart ring space is heating up. In April 2023, Oura made its products available on BestBuy.com and over 850 Best Buy retail stores in the U.S. In October 2023, the company expanded that partnership to more than 124 stores in Canada.

Since Oura launched the Oura Ring 3, India-based startup Ultrahuman released two rings including Ultrahuman Air last year. In January, Samsung launched its own Oura competitor ring.

Meanwhile, Oura has tried to infuse new features into its existing portfolio to make the devices more useful. Last year, Oura launched the Circles feature to encourage users to share their stats with friends and family. Earlier this year, the company launched a new feature called Resilience, which measures how much stress users can withstand.

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