ParaFlight’s New App for Corporate Travelers:


ParaFlight Aviation has been helping fulfill air transportation needs for years, and innovation has guided the organization’s success all along the way. Originally a first-class medical transport company offering a variety of services such as air ambulances, organ transplant charters, and medical escort services, the company has recently expanded to provide corporate service. The expansion allows ParaFlight to reach businesspeople who need quick dependable transportation.

From Serving Medically to Expanding to Corporate Travel

Founder and CEO Sim Shain has led his company with a drive to serve. His zeal for helping others has been evident throughout his professional career. In 1993, Shain started his career in pre-hospital EMS. Nearly thirty years later, he continued in the business of helping people medically by creating ParaFlight. His newest aspiration to meet the needs of those in the corporate world feeds from a passion that has stuck with him for years, the passion to make a difference by serving others.

A Client-First Mentality

While helping clients in the medical side of transportation means making patients comfortable and well looked after, Shain realizes that for the corporate side of transportation, serving clients with consideration means prioritizing timeliness. ParaFlight’s non-medical services are created with the corporate traveler in mind, providing high flexibility that allows individuals to request flights that fit around their work schedules. With the addition of the new app, it will be even easier for clients to benefit from ParaFlight’s services.

Innovations to ParaFlight’s Corporate Services, scheduled to launch early July, has taken the concept of on-demand air travel to a whole new level. The tool provides an innovative solution for urgent business and personal travel requirements by incorporating an Uber-like service, revolutionizing the way people can access immediate flights. One of the app’s most unique features is its flexibility in meeting a wide range of urgent travel needs. Whether it’s getting a family to a funeral, delivering computer servers across the country, or facilitating last-minute business travel, can be used for a variety of purposes. Through it, travelers are given a convenient and efficient way to book immediate flights for urgent situations, helping them avoid travel delays and make timely arrivals at their intended destination. takes an Uber-like approach to air transportation, making it a game-changer in the aviation industry. Operators from around the world can sign up to participate in the service and provide the pilots for the flights. “[The app] gives us the ability to communicate with hundreds of operators around the country in real time,” Shain shares. If an operator is available, he or she can offer their services. This creates a vast network of available aircraft and pilots, ready to respond to urgent travel requests at a moment’s notice. This Uber-like model not only benefits clients but also creates opportunities for operators and pilots to participate in providing urgent travel solutions. It helps individuals access emergency flights, and it paves new avenues for pilots to offer their services and aircraft to be utilized, making for a win-win situation for all parties involved. The result is a streamlined platform for operators and pilots to connect with clients in need of urgent air transportation.


ParaFlight Aviation’s app with its Uber-like service is a groundbreaking solution for urgent business and personal travel. The app provides a convenient and efficient way to book immediate flights for a wide range of purposes, and the inclusion of operators and pilots from around the world creates a vast network of available aircraft and pilots. With its commitment to safety and reliability, ParaFlight continues to be a leader in the aviation industry, providing innovative solutions to meet the evolving needs of its clients.

To learn more about Sim Shain and his work, find him on LinkedIn at For more information on ParaFlight and their services, go to their Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn pages, or visit their website at ParaFlight’s newest app,, is expected to launch July 1, 2023.


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