Mike Zeller has changed lives. Just read the reviews of his latest book on Amazon and you will see visible evidence of the wisdom he offers and how it is received. Now, with his new book, the inspiration and advice that has changed the lives of the hundreds of entrepreneurs he has worked with can finally be accessed by people from all around the world.

When Mike Zeller’s businesses collapsed, he could have sunk into a deep depression. In October 2019, after running successful real estate, marketing and branding, and clothing businesses with turnover in the millions,
Zeller found himself on a Zoom call telling the people who had worked alongside him for years that he was going to have to close the company immediately and they’d all be without jobs. Losing so much could easily have defeated him, but Zeller knew that he had a bigger purpose and plan for his life. 

That is how his book The Genius Within: Your Natural Pathway to Impact, Fulfillment, & Wealth starts. Zeller could have begun his book’s introduction by telling us about his successes and the millions of dollars he has generated over the years, but with raw honesty, he shares the devastation he faced. Yet from this, like a phoenix rising from the ashes, he emerged with renewed tenacity and a fresh focus and purpose for his professional life. The search he embarked on to discover his ‘zone of genius’ after his collapse forms the essence of his book and underpins the success he has generated for himself and others since that time.

By leaning on the lessons he learnt in both his success and his failure, Mike Zeller is now a business architect who strategizes with entrepreneurs to find their deepest zone of genius.  He helps entrepreneurs and other high-achievers break through subconscious barriers to grow their business exponentially. He does this by sharing with them the very same principles he has put into practice to grow his business to where he is now. And it is these nuggets of wisdom Zeller shares in The Genius Within.


Discovering Your Genius Is A Journey


Zeller believes that each of us has our own unique zone of genius that we are ultimately called to discover. The journey to unlock this genius is where the gold lies, and this journey is essentially not a destination, but a day-to-day process to keep discovering your brilliance and what you can share with the world (and make money while doing it).

As he says in The Genius Within: “In this book, I am going to break down exactly how you gain more clarity than you’ve ever had in your life in answering the question, ‘What on Earth am I here for?’ And the question that follows it, ‘How do I make a great living doing it?'” 

The book helps you uncover your genius and align your actions with your life’s purpose in a clear, practical way that has worked for the hundreds of business people Zeller has already coached and mentored. 

In The Genius Within, Zeller takes you through the steps needed to find out who you really are and how to discover your ultimate calling. Success lies in discovering your purpose. Journeying to get to know your authentic self and your unique talents is the differentiator in entrepreneurship. It is not just about creating a successful business, it is about creating a life that you love and thrive in, and to generate prosperity as a result.

Not Just Another Self-Help Book


Reading the book you immediately get a sense of Zeller’s passion for the human spirit and for the immense talent he believes we all can access. And he does this in a simple, authentic way. This is a partnership book – Zeller partners with you as a reader to carve out a new way of thinking and to find the potential path for your life that offers you more than just wealth. This is a book with heart, written by a man who wants to make a difference. 

By offering simple steps to uncover your genius, he meanders you through a journey to discover your greatness. He is unashamed about the fact that he desires to be great, and wants you to be too. 

How do you discover your greatness and your genius? 

In The Genius Within, Zeller writes about the four powerful steps he uses. First, using suggested personality tests you identify your unique abilities. Then you spend time reflecting on your life experiences, delving into your interests, talents, passion, and purpose. Third, you identify pivotal relationships that “bring you to life – the people who fuel your soul and sense of purpose.” Fourth, you spend time on your values and passions to uncover what makes your heart sing. Aligning what you do with your life to your zone of genius is the ideal goal in your professional career.

He also takes you through ways to overcome any blockers or sabotaging habits you may have to discovering your genius. Using his life or death exercise you analyze what takes up your time and energy so you can start including more of what you love and get rid of what does not feed your soul. You also learn how to create a power-positioning statement that anchors who you really are to your career or business vision. 

The Genius Within is a powerful read that will help you make practical shifts to be the best version of yourself personally and in business. Years of Zeller’s research has been condensed into a book of business wisdom that will ultimately change how you operate within the world.


You can purchase the book here or on Amazon.


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